Advent is here!

We have to prepare ourselves to hear some stories.

But not this one.

For centuries, folks like you and me have taken time to sit with the events that led up to Jesus’ birth for weeks leading up to Christmas even though we might the story by heart.

This story prepares us.

If you’ll let me draw this story out, tell it slower than you may be used to hearing, one little piece each day from now until Christmas Eve, you might hear it differently than ever before and I hope you’ll wake up Christmas morning ready for a new life to begin.

Oh, and I’m not just going to tell you the story. You’re going to get to see the story literally get drawn out by my friend and artist, Adam Trest.

And you’ll get the chance draw the story too while you listen or after you’re through for the day.

Each part of the story will end with a question for you and whomever is listening with you to consider. Not necessarily answer. Just consider. There are no right answers. Just yours. Whatever the question makes you wonder about or want to share, that’s good. Do that.

However you choose to interact with this story, whether that’s hearing it told a bit differently or watching it come to life out of the end of Adam’s pen or getting lost in the music Thomas Steinwinder composed and performed for this series, we’re going to sit with this story for a few minutes each day. We’re going to let this story help us prepare for Christmas a little more each day.

Sound good? Let’s prepare ourselves for Christmas.

The story begins on Tuesday, November 28.


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